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Palm Seed

Jungle Jack’s Thailand offers seed of the following palm species in various quantities. Please inquire for pricing and availability.

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Bismarckia Nobilis

The finest silver-blue . . . guaranteed.

Bismarckia Nobilis

Hypahaenae Coricacea

Ideal for climates ranging from the desert to the sub-temperate.

Syagrus Botryophora

This fast-growing, highly commercial species is already in volume production in Florida and elsewhere. Unlike others, we can assure quality through freshness and none of the beetle infestations that mar South American-produced seed.

Syagrus Vermicularis

A very rare palm, only recently identified and named by Larry Knoblick of the Montgomery Botanical Center in Miami, Florida, USA. Fast-growing, with a beautiful, white trunk as a juvenile.

Phoenix Roebellini ‘Reasnorii’

The true suckering roebellini, as identified by Dr. Roebellin all those years ago. Best-suited for field-growing applications which will allow multiple trunks to develop to size.


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